January 08 2017

Morning. I’m feeling more tired than normal today, probably because I was woken up at 2 for some reason. It took me a couple of hours to even get up. So much for my vow to wake up early. Something that has been bothering me was the idea of infinity. In math class (Calculus AB/BC), we have been learning about things that approach infinity, or limits. Limits are mathematician’s ways to assume the function or number is approaching infinity. They use limits because they cannot reach to infinity, yet, using limits, they can find what infinity will be. The insanity that greets me at the drawing board every day never ceases to amaze me. If only I knew what my possibilities were if I could live for infinite time. I would be boundless. So, when looking back at a function, like the one below, its value at infinity is 4, even though it looks like a line, and lines like those have a value of infinity at infinity. What’s to say we wouldn’t stop approaching infinity after some point in time, even if we thought we were the whole time? Drawing from my own ignorance on my future, I will never worry about who I might become in an infinite amount of time, or any other large number, and only focus on who I will be tomorrow, next week, or next year. This, in theory, will keep me from getting too confident on who I will be in any number of years. This may mean that I will drop everything when I graduate next year and start fresh. This may even mean that, if I become good at blogging this year, I might continue pursuing this. For now, all I know is that I have a ton of homework and a tiny amount of time to complete it. Until next time: ¡Hasta luego!



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