January 09 2017

Aaaasflgh I’m only three days in, and I’m already hitting roadblocks. I wrote a nice, long commentary with some real content this morning in the school parking lot, but it’s all gone. Now, late at night, buried in homework, I am whipping up the best I can. And let me tell you, using the phone’s keypad is nowhere near as good as the computer. But, once again, I’m too lazy to walk 5 feet to go and retrieve it. So I’m stuck writing slower than I can think, and wishing I didn’t have to study. Listening to the good ol Mumford and Sons, even though I’m a little sick of them after several years. I’ll still enjoy their music any day over rap or gospel (I do love me a good strong choir song, though). I guess I don’t mind most music, it just depends on how I’m feeling at the moment, and, right now, this is a little too upbeat. Next song it is. Ahh better- a nice McMurrow. Also, Aaaasflgh is my proper phrasing of the following: mental groans, verbal groans, mental/verbal hmphs, moans, exclamations, etc.  Anyways, check my previous “prose” on the word “shine”. Currently, I’m enjoying the pride of using alliteration (*puts down phone to give a self high five*), if anyone noticed. Hey, I am not too bad at this- I’m not too good, either, but it’s a start I’m willing to work with. Until next time: さよなら (sayonara)


I found my post in my drafts and posted it as part 1


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