January 10 2017

I had a question. On the road, among other cars, what is the “rule” on loud music? Because I have heard some LOUD cars that nobody likes, but I don’t know that I understand where the threshold is. I mean, when is loud too loud, and when is it just right? This is like Goldilocks- am I right? But, anyways, I’m heading into school today with a phone battery of 20% and draining, and being unprepared for an APUSH quiz. Also, what’s with acronyms? My school uses them EVERYWHERE: CAS EE TOK IB IA EA EE APUSH WOK AOK KQ MM XC WTF?! I am still learning some of them, years later. Currently, my phone battery is decreasing while on the charger. And I just got a new one last month. Why is technology so hard to keep charged? Or is it just me? It probably is. Welp, I should probably go inside to start studying. Maybe I will come back later to add a post-school commentary-if I’m still sane. ¡Hasta luego!

Hey, it’s post-school, and I somehow survived. Thw quiz wasn’t all too bad, but the day was so long. Why does 6 hours at school seem like our entire day, yet most of us are awake for at least 15-20 hours. I mean, how much can an average person do with the extra 10-15 hours? Most of us (guilty as charged) watch TV or mope around, waiting for tomorrow. Why don’t we just take advantage of at least 5 of those and get something done? Read a book, learn the piano, get a job, exercise, do some house cleaning (because we all could use a little more clean in our lives). Tomorrow, I think I will try this out: make sure that I am making good use of ALL of the time I am given in the day, because it will be years before I get a full 18 hour day to myself. Even though it’s already 8:30 tonight, I am still gonna give these last few hours a crack, and try to be more productive


Today’s daily prompt was a little odd. Hmm I’ll try tomorrow’s instead



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