January 09 2017 Part 1

Hello there! Writing to you from inside my car in the school parking lot on a Monday morning. Currently, the weather is a chilly 37° F (or about 3° C). To anyone in the top 3rd of the world, this is a normal temperature. People would be outsude, going about their business like there was only a slight breeze. To a southerner, like us Floridians, this is a once in a year event that has everyone curled up in snuggies, electric blankets, and anything else they can find. Personally, I would curl up in my dogs, who would provide enough warmth to last a while. They are cute, small chorkies: a blend of Chihuahua and Yorkie. One looks like a black and white Yorkie, and the other, a tan long-haired Chihuahua. No no no, the Chihuahua does not look like what people think it does. He is probably one of the prettiest small dogs. They may be small lap dogs, but they sure do offer a great cuddle. Anyways, the school bell is bound to ring in a few minutes, and I have a reading test on Woman at Point Zero first thing, so I’m off to studying. More on the book later. 

My life is like

Coconut water

Sounds like some other

Coke and a water

Yet tastes like no other

A blend of the normal

With a hint of suprize

No one can articulate

Unserneath its disguise

What flavor?

Can’t remember

But I know its familiar

Coconut water

Great with lime 

Maybe you should try it some other time



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