January 11 2017

Good morning! It’s Wednesday, or, more commonly known, hump day! Already halfway through the week, and it still feels like Monday. How is it that time cab fluxuate in our minds so that days seem like hours? This should urge anyone who is sitting around to use these “hours” smartly, or else the next birthday will come suddenly. Currently: listening to Once Upon a December by Pandolfi. Piano music is so soothing, I wish I could replicate it. But, for all the hours I’ve spent doodling around on pianos, I am probably not gonna play well for some time. One thing I would like to see is a piano prodigy play their first notes. I wonder what they would look like? How quickly would the music come to them? Prodigal people fascinate me; it’s like they’ve been experts in a past life or something. Anyways, as the song finishes, I will take my cue to sign off. さよなら


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