January 12 2017

The scariest thing just happened. This morning, after a long night doing homework, I was slow to turn off my alarm. Even better, I fell right back asleep afterwards. At about 6:30 (my regular departure time), my father woke me up and asks if I am going to school today. I hopped up frantically, a to do list already forming in my head: things I needed to do and things I couldn’t go to school without doing. Some included brushing my teeth, putting on clothes, and making my lunch, but some that I had to leave out included making breakfast, brushing my hair, and breathing in between tasks. Finally on the road, I sped a little bit to stay on time with my route. See, there are many traffic lights on my route, and, if I pass certain ones by a certain time, I know I’m on time. So, finally on time to school, I relax a bit. However, turning into the school’s parking lot, something went wrong. My foot forgot which pedal meant brake and pushed the gas when I got behind a stopped car. Luckily, I had enough room to realize my mistake and stop, but my heart was racing faster than Bolt at the Olympics. Now, parked in my spot a little crooked, I take a deep breath, cortisol already surging through my body, and step out of the car, NOT ready to take the day on. But, this is like how people can feel
Somedays that test a person’s stamina. I hope I last through the torture that is Thursday. さよなら

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