January 15 2017

Not really sure what I should talk about today. I am pretty interested in identity theft right now, as I am beginning to formulate my own identity. Things that people used for identification before my time were things like birth dates, full names, high schools, and social security numbers. Now, with Facebook and other social media, most of these things are available for anyone to find and use. I’m not trying to diss Facebook creators, because they do make it convenient to celebrate someone’s birthday, but this poses a problem with identification. Now, some questions asked when filling out information include mother’s maiden name, first pet’s name, etc. This information, although more diverse, is easier to gain access to, and less private. Now, our private lives are becoming more public, and identification is becoming harder to uphold. This gives people the opportunity to steal others’ identities, which can lead to a loss of property, money, or simply, identity. TV shows illustrate this well when a supposed “ally” turns out to be a bad guy who changed their name. The only thing left to safeguard is our Social Security Number, which, if discovered, can break an identity completely. I had no intentions of asking a question here, I just wanted to document something I noticed that occurs now in the world. Maybe this can be a “worldview Sunday” thing I start doing. Anyways, until next time, さよなら


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