January 16 2017

I have a serious problem. So, on Friday, after a long week of struggling through school work and due dates I have pushed off, I am burnt out. However, knowing that I have plenty of work scheduled for the next week, I start to plan out my weekend. ‘Saturday, I will wake up at 7:00 and get cracking at my assignments. Then, after a few hours, I will take a break, and have some fun, and get back to work. I will do this until I finish ALL of my homework, and then go have fun on Sunday and Monday (we have a 3 day weekend this week).’ Then, Saturday morning comes, and reality sets in. I don’t get up until 9, am out of the house for most of the day, and don’t think about homework until about 6:30 that night. By then, I am already halfway through a “Netflix session” (basically 3 or more episodes of a Netflix show in a row). This continues until Monday at noon, when I realize I have 2 hours of free time between now and 7:30 (I have a schedule for running). Scrambling to do work, I arrive at 7:30 with 2 assignments to finish, a test to study for, and none of my “get around to it”s done (which I kind of need to do, since some of those due dates are coming up quickly). Sidenote, does anyone else have one of those “I need to get around to this, so I’ll save it for the weekend when I have more time” lists? Because, if I had a nickel for every item on my list… Anyways, it is now 9 o’clock, I have yet to study for my math test, but I had to get this down. Because I mean, what’s more fun than outlining my fundamental flaws? So, procrastination is definitely ruling my world, but, how can it not? I can’t seem to shake this urge to not do what I’m supposed to, even when it’s only been 2 weeks since I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s something I am curious to find out: which resolutions have people already failed at, and which ones do they know will fail in 2017?

Until next time, さよなら



One thought on “January 16 2017

  1. sapientiaveritas says:

    Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time as long as the task still gets done. Dum gramen crescit, equus in moriendo quiescit.


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