January 17 2017

I’m running out of greetings. Melekolekimaka? I don’t even know. What I want to talk about today is fears. People can become afraid of something through traumatic experience or avoidance, which can both lead to phobias. In the smaller sense, though, fears inhibit a person from enjoying something or even performing a simple task. Take my newest “mini fear”. After I was run into last week, I have had this irrational fear of doing the same thing. This morning, I was terrified to even try to park, for fear that I might run into someone. I haven’t yet, but I have a firsthand experience of a person who has fine parking skills do the same. This “mini fear” was triggered by the crash, but getting over it will be a new challenge. Should we conquer our fears, in my case, by continuing to park, unfazed, or should we get rid of them, in my case, by practicing so that I have no confidence issues? Or even a combination of both, so that I know I won’t be scared anymore. Anyways, I have another test to study for, and alot of books to carry. 

Until next time, さよなら


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