January 19 2017

Today was my day. I got to head straight from school to a band rehearsal, where I would be doing what I love most: band. In our area, All-County is an event where the best band kids gather for 3 days to master a concert performance. Today was day 1, and I was so excited to meet everyone. Heading out of the school parking lot, I had planned to hang out at a local library before going to the reversal. However, I realized then that I had forgotten my collapsable stand at home, and needed to go get it. Since I lived 30 min from my school, I spent all of my free time driving home. Then, as soon as I got my stand, I needed to leave. The rehearsal was at a high school in the county, but, what I didn’t know is that the school lies in the middle of the downtown area. I, being a new driver, had never driven through a city, so this trip proved to be a challenge. On top of that, there was traffic and I was almost late. Practically running into the school to make it on time, I realize that I left my stand in my car. The very thing that had previously ruined my afternoon! So, for the next 3 hours, I had to share stands with someone. Getting home was another “fun” trip, involving me missing turns at least 5 times, some back to back. Finally, at home, I can relax. But, I was hoping to do some homework since I won’t be in school tomorrow (because of All-County). But, as the fates decided, I am too tired to focus. Instead, I am elaborating my day, which did not end up being “my day”. But, you know what? Who says that playing in an awesome band, learning how to drive, and skipping school can’t count as my day? Turn those frowns upside down, right?

Until next time, さよなら


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