January 21 2017

Laying my head down in bed, I almost forgot to post today. Luckily, my brain always has a running checklist to remind me to do certain things, like this. Instead of talking, today I will post something I wrote for my school’s book club. It’s nothing big, but I liked writing it. Titled: Water Torture

He woke up in a black hole. He could not see, for there was nothing but dark. All was silent, except for a faint, rhythmic tap, which he couldn’t recognize. The only knowledge he could gather was through touch. He noticed a coldness in the air, which presented itself as goosebumps on his arms and legs. He felt two other things: cloth around his waist, most likely shorts or boxers, and leather strips, laying across his chest. He realized that he was face up, on some sort of rigid, uniform surface, bound to this by these strips. He twisted and turned, unable to lift his arms off the surface where he lay. He stopped moving, and, when he did, a specific sensation began to grow stronger. He realized that the tapping noise was been water, dripping on the middle of his temple repeatedly. He hadn’t noticed this earlier, but now, he could not ignore the constant pressure. He blinked every time another droplet pierced through the black hole of darkness onto his forehead. He thought this was redundant, since he didn’t need to use his eyes anyways, since there was nothing to look at. Nevertheless, his eyes blinked over and over again. He began to feel claustrophobic, although he had no memory of a fear of small spaces. As he struggled to escape the contraption he was restrained to, panic began to set in. He had no idea how long he had been laying there, nor did he sense an end to the confinement. He had no memories of who he was before this place, which added to the hysteria. A noise began to waft through the air, low and rumbling. The noise, he realized, was coming from within him, like a growl or a moan. His moans bounced around in the dark, reaching his ears as distant rumbles. He writhed in the dark, blinking and groaning, with no idea who he was and no way out of the black hole which his soul was sucked into. As his only thoughts faded from his mind, he whispered a faint word. This was the only thing that felt familiar to him, like he had spoken its name many times.



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