January 22 2017

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering… this is crazy, but… I just want to talk… with a song. It’s getting late… eyes are… getting heavy… but I just can’t seem to… think of any happy little thought. So, here’s a story… with all my heart… I hope you’ll understand… what I’m saying. I’m all alone at a crossroads… I don’t know what… to write. Someday… it will get easier. But… until then… you’ll be in my heart.

And, scene. There’s a little workshopping I tried to do. It’s sloppy, but, like my name, it’s always in draft mode. Just like me! By the way, does this blog count for today if it is 12:00 am on Jan 23 at this moment? Because it’s been a rough weekend, and I did not get around to this until 11 something. Well, by my rules, since I started it on the 22nd, this is a valid post. I wish everyone, reading this or not, a happy Monday, and I ask that everyone share their smiles, because some people will have had a worse morning.

Until next time, さよなら



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