January 23 2017

¡Buenas días! Coming to you from the busy parking lot of a local high school, I serve you nothing new. Why do people love to strain from the regular? I believe that having a schedule keeps us productive, and makes sure that we don’t neglect anything we deem necessary. Things that are more recreational, like where to go eat after a high school concert, what to wear each day, or what to eat for breakfast or lunch are more debated. I think that, if you want to be efficient and comfortable, having a cycle is helpful. For example, I eat the same breakfast and lunch during the week, prefer Beef O’ Brady’s after a concert, and love wearing a random t-shirt and jeans each day. I have nothing against dresses, blouses, or skirts, it’s just that t-shirts are more comfortable and easy to match (well, because there is no matching of colors or styles). If anyone has an irregular schedule, to me it isn’t bad, it just isn’t comfortable or optimal in my point of view. But am I alone? I think people love normal more than they admit, only because they don’t feel different when they are always the same. However, I disagree. This repetition becomes the background for true character and beings to rise up and be showcased. I think sameness breeds difference, which becomes uniqueness. Happy Monday!

Until next time, さよなら


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