January 24 2017

You know when you get that feeling that you want to be close to someone, but you can’t tell if you want to be friends or more? I feel like most teenagers feel this, but I don’t know how to approach this. There have been times where I have been talking to several people, and I can’t tell who I want to just be friends with or more. I have made a choice each time, and I never regret it, but I leave after it crashes and burns wishing I had just opted for the friend zone. But I guess mistakes build us, don’t they? I feel like, each time I learn something valuable and new, that, hopefully, I can carry with me. Currently, I am coughing up a lung, thanks to a sick kid from All-County. He infected me this past weekend, and now I am (not literally) dying. Track tryouts are this week, which is also taking a toll on my immune system. Let alone my initial lack of sleep from homework. If I haven’t already mentioned it, I’m in a program called IB, which is like College for high school. It is an honor to participate, but, similarly, a death wish. The consequence of my 8th-grade decision is a 4-year, rigorous, non-stop, ever augmenting set of courses which leave a person smart and tired. Some kids take a year off because of the intensity of the rigor. So, this intensity will cause periods of less sleep, like this week. I have only gotten about 5 hours each night, which may seem few, but is many in the eyes of some other kids. I have heard horror stories from friends who have gotten a max of 7 or 8 hours TOTAL in a week. I would feel bad for them, but they usually do that to themselves. I know some people who can get full nights of sleep regularly. My only crutch is my medium level procrastination. Anyways, I need to get back to work to hopefully finish by a decent hour.

Until next time, さよなら


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