January 25 2017

Something I’ve noticed that has become common in society lately is convenience. We as humans think: the less we have to do, the better. We think that having quicker access to things will make us productive, which I agree with at the fundamental level. However, after a certain point, we begin to get lazy. Things like going outside to shop, reading a book, or even getting up to turn off the lights are being replaced. Now, we can almost anything in the comfort of our favorite chair. Convenience, I believe, can breed laziness if not monitored. Nowadays, kids are more likely to be on their phones than outside playing sports or reading a good book. I being born right in the middle of this technological age, have seen all walks of life pick up a smartphone for the first time. In most cases, they never put it down again. To be honest, technology is appealing in every way. Holding a phone, I feel like I have gained a priceless tool- which, in fact, I have. However, this device gives you more endorphins the more you use it, which stimulates a craving for “smartphone time”. Each hour spent on a smartphone, or any other form of technology, is wasting time that could be spent gardening, talking a walk, or hanging out with friends (face-to-face- none of this “skype” crap counts as interaction). I’m not saying to throw the phone away- just try to limit usage. I sometimes have a hard time myself keeping off my phone, getting sucked into Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. But, I try to remember that convenience breeds laziness, and I strive to be more efficient in the best ways. Let technology guide you, but know your limits. A phone is two-faced: watch out for its bad side.

Until next time, さよなら


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