January 26 2017

So, what’s there to talk about? How about a quick review of college searching. For anyone in the same boat, you know that knowing what to be preparing for colleges is pretty vague for most of our lives. Up until about Junior year, people say to just sit back and relax, riding public or private school out. However, as a child of very attentive parents, I know that the college process started long before then. Originally, my parents invested in an interest rate that would go towards my college funding back when I was born. Also, they taught me to read before elementary school and put me through day care, where I learned to do many things. In elementary and middle school, they pushed me to do sports and other things so that I was athletic and studious. I even took the ACT in 7th grade. Going into high school, They helped me apply to IB, which I ended up committing to. Then, in freshman and sophomore years, I have taken numerous standardized tests, gone on tours of all of my first and most second-choice schools, and am already focusing on grade points and resume-worthy skills. They say that high school is where it begins to count, but, in reality, it begins before you are even born. The race to achievement is disguised by the mirage of equal opportunity. I see that things my parents did for me previously are becoming very crucial to my college application process, and I am thankful that they knew what they were doing. Don’t forget to appreciate your parents too.

Until next time, さよなら


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