January 27 2017

Something I have plenty of experience with, even though I’m still a newb: age. In my late teens, I would think that I’m pretty familiar with getting older, but apparently, I have seen the beginning. Anyways, in my experience, age moves much faster than anyone admits to, and you go from believing in Santa to driving yourself to work in no time. I have just started driving this year, and I feel like I missed the middle between being WAY too young to drive and now actually driving. This period, I will call it the mid-teen stage, was one of my most crucial few years. I was beginning to learn what is right and wrong, who I want to be as an adult, what colleges I want to go to, what I want to study, etc. I also started getting opportunities to do adult things and make my own decisions. Some include lighting my first candle, opting for more piercings or tattoos (which I said no), getting a job, picking my extracurriculars without my parents’ help, and more. I sometimes remember when I would not have to worry about getting my parents Christmas presents, and how they always made my meals for me. Now, the training wheels are off, and, although I love it, adulthood is nothing like the “good ol’ days”. Though I wouldn’t want to go back, I sometimes wonder how I watched all of those years go by unnoticed. I hope that, in the future, I keep a hold on as many days as possible, learning as much as I can while I still can.

Until next time, さよなら


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