January 29 2017

Something I have wondered about recently: why do we cherish the weekends so much? We say that the weekend is the time where we get stuff done since we aren’t busy at work or school. However, I have noticed lately that I am the least productive on weekends, and most of the extra work I do is during the week. For example, this weekend, I barely got even my homework done on time. On this Sunday evening, I am still behind on assignments. And, in reality, it’s a simple explanation for why the weekends seem so unproductive. If you think about it, there are 5 days in the week versus 2 on the weekends, and personally, I am more likely to fill up my 2 days with activities I couldn’t fit in the week. Also, I am tired from all the hard work, and end up sleeping the rest of the time. This leaves me with extra hours lying around on school days while being packed on my break time. Knowing this, I am going to try to be more productive after hours on weekdays so that my weekends can be milked for all their glorious laziness.

Until next time, さよなら


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