January 30 2017

Greetings. As I near the end of the first month of writing, I am pleased with my work. Except for a couple of slip ups, I was able to post a segment of good writing daily, which seems to all be interesting. However, I am noticing some difficulty in trying to create discussion topics so I might shift in genres next month. Maybe I’ll try to submit some old poems, or create some new ones since I already enjoy doing this already. Anyways, I wanted to comment on the current politics in America. Regarding the newest president, Trump, I think that people are being very harsh on him, regardless if he is doing wrong or right. The man is our commander in chief, and a large portion of our country voted for him, so we need to try and give him some sort of a chance. Yes, maybe his first bills seem radical. But, when has change for a nation, good or bad, ever been anything but radical? I am not agreeing with his decisions, but I am surely not jumping to ridiculing and scrutinizing. This goes along with a concept IB tries to teach us, which is Open Mindedness. To one person, something may seem crazy, but, to another, may not. It is all about perspective, as Einstein said, and, by stepping away from our biased view, we can hope to achieve a better understanding of the world. I hope people will come to learn that people might not be as bad as they think, but it will only come by personal acknowledgment. Nothing I say or do will be as effective as a person coming t this conclusion themselves. What I mean is: you don’t have to like him, but just see where he is coming from. That is what I strive to do every day when I face people or ideas I do not necessarily agree with.

Until next time, さよなら


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