January 31 2017

Well here we are. The end of the month. Something I don’t get is our relationship with months. We use them in all of our dating systems, yet they mean little to us in application. For instance, at the first of a new month, most people don’t even realize what has happened. I am trying to be more attentive, so this month has not escaped me, although it almost did. Another aspect we never fail to forget is years. At the end of each year, people basically follow a ritual of recapping the worst parts of their year and judging them. Then, people will most likely create a list of things they want to improve upon in the next year. My question is, why why don’t we worship the end of the month the same? Just a thought. Anyways, I am currently fighting the urge to ignore my homework, while also trying to figure out how much sleep won’t make me tired? 

Until next time, さよなら


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