Hello There

Going into this project, I didn’t expect to become that one person who had a New Year’s Resolution that they ditched within the first month. Sadly, I continue to deliver, as I am back at the beginning of May. To be fair, I took on way too much this school year, as I am a fully functioning High School Musician, Athlete, and Nerd. However, that does not mean for me that I get to be excused from this. After all, I committed to writing this year, and I must do everything I can to fulfill this goal. So, here goes another round of writing. This time, I will not try to write once a day, as this formula produced subpar work and unneeded stress. Instead, I will try a few times each week, and pour my best self into the work. In an attempt to complete my goal of 100,000 words this year, I will make these entries long and complex. I may need to lower that goal due to my 3-month “break” from writing, but I will still challenge myself to overcome the barrier that is impossibility.

Today, I will update anyone interested in my life. Currently, I am at the end of my season in track, since we are running our last race this weekend. That will not stop me from running, however, as I will continue to train through the summer. My band is having their final concert this Tuesday, which is an in-school performance. We will begin to prepare for next year’s marching season afterward. In terms of school, I took an EOC last week, and my AP exams begin in a week. I am taking BC Calc, Physics C Mech, Lang, and APUSH. After that, I final exams for my classes, and then SUMMER! The only thing propelling me forward right now is the thought of being done with Junior year. The only downside is that next year, the pressure intensifies if even that is possible. Coupled with a rising difficulty in classes, I have IAs, EAs, IB exams, College Applications, Band, Track, Cross Country, and whatever life throws at me (look any of those acronyms up if you are confused, as I was Freshman year). The hardest part about all of it is not that any one activity is particularly. I mean, IAs are nothing to spit at, and College Applications are pretty lengthy, but, put together, they become a recipe for Disaster Cake. Wish me good luck!

As always, until next time,



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