Greetings! I come here now bearing great news, that I have started to eat healthier than ever before in my life, and I am feeling great. Due to this, I wanted to make a commentary on how I feel towards “Diets”, and one way I was able to accomplish my own.

   Let me say something about the infomous Diet. This word makes us immediately scream “SALAD”, and almost all of us eventually encounter it yet rarely conquer. There are several barriers that stop us from achieving the “perfect body” or “weight loss” that we all want. I am going to outline some of the primary methods that I used to assist me in kickstarting a hopefully life-long habit of healthier eating.

   First off, why is the word “Die” in Diet? This seems to hint at a challenge which fate does not want us to defeat. To disguise the truth of the Diet, call it a “lifestyle change”. When I decided I was ready for a change, that is all I would say. In a way, it made me feel more committed to following through with this diet, because it was going to be a part of my life. “Diet” sounds like a short-term effort at being healthy, while”lifestyle change” effectuates a sort of permanence and absoluteness which “diet” could never do. Call it whatever you may, a “Veganization”, “Body Revival”, or even “Food Restoration”, just don’t call it a diet.

   Throughout modern society, diets have been associated with a short-term, fruits and veggies only, no carb eating routine. Thousands, even millions, have put the word “diet” on their New Year’s resolutions, maybe even yourself. I had done so several times in the past, including this 2017 New Year’s. A trend I began to notice among many people is that they would start to accomplish their resolutions each day, but by Feb 1, they had already lost track of their goals. To this, I say, don’t make your diet a New Year’s resolution. Whatever day of the year it is, put your foot down and say “today” (or tomorrow if it’s already dinner time). It is never too late in the year to start a resolution, and, in doing so, you won’t be dragged down by those around you who become “too busy to keep it up” in February.

   Lastly, it’s okay to mess up. Before you go into your “lifestyle change”, or whatever you call it, remind yourself that life sucks. There may be some days where you just need that candy bar, a meal, or even a whole day’s worth of bad food. Don’t punish yourself for a “cheat day”, just remind yourself that the phrase was invented for a reason. Just pick yourself back up, and get into the cycle again. 


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